Discord Bots

About HubBot

HubBot is a new Discord bot, intended as a general chat, music, and entertainment bot. It is also the first project I am making, using JavaScript, so, it is a learning process as well! Some of the features it will have are listed below, along with their current status. Do you have a suggestion? Send me a message on the contact page! Have a bug or issue to report it? Send that too! I am always looking for feedback, comments, and suggestions! Just wanna chat with me? Awesome! You can add me on Discord by searching for AnnaFire88#8038 and adding me! You can also join the HubBot Official Server as well right here: https://discord.gg/kH29WRP

You can add HubBot to your own Discord server with this link: Add HubBot!

Current Commands List

Adminsitrative Commands

%banUsed to ban a user. Ex; %ban @USERNAME
%kickUsed to kick a user. Ex; %kick @USERNAME
%chrlclChange a roles colour (hex code). Ex; %chrlcl 0xRRGGBB Role Name
%warnAdd a warning to a user. Ex; %warn @USERNAME Warning reason here
%unwarnAdd a warning to a user. Ex; %unwarn @USERNAME
%purgePurge a specified number of messages. Ex; %purge [2 - 100]
%offOpens the menu to turn off certain features, such as bot logs, welcome messages, or goodbye messages.
%settingsThis starts/opens the settings menu to change various bot features, such as welcome, goodbye, and log channel. Set a new prefix for your server, manage warning settings, and turn on and off the levelup messages!

Utility Commands

%botinfoDisplays the current up-time information for the bot!
%feedbackSend me some feedback! Ex; %feedback Some Suggestions Here
%helpGeneral, top-level help list. You can also use %help [categoryname] or %help [commandname] for more detailed information
%inviteAre you in a server with HubBot in it, and want to invite to your own server? Use this command.
%membercountDid you want to know how many members are in a particular server?
%sayMakes the bot say whatever you want it to, but the bot does have a filter to prevent other bots from kicking due to foul language. Ex; %say HubBot is awesome!
%serverinfoNeed to know some stats about the server?
%setmeSet a personal quote for yourself, or (if you have MANAGE_NICKNAMES permissions), another user. Ex; %setme HubBots creator and all-around great gal to know!
%urbanWho doesn't love a good Urban Dictionary lookup? Ex; %urban discord
%userinfoShow some information about you, or another user (or bot) account. Ex; %userinfo @AnnaFire88#8038
%whoisThis will display the personal quote for a user, assuming it has been set. Ex; %whois @hubbot#4005

Entertainment Commands

%bite, %cuddle, %dance, %greet, %highfive, %hug, %insult, %kiss, %lick, %pat, %poke, %punch, %shoot, %slap, %tickleCommon action commands to use against another member. Ex; %shoot @ARandomDude#0101
%coinsGet your 200 daily coins! Command refreshes ebery 24 hours (down to the last millisecond, and no sooner!).
%emoteWant to display an emote in another, but don't have nitro? HubBot can display any custom message from any server, in any other server (bot must be present in both servers). Keep in mind that spelling and capitalization must be exact! Ex; %emote BananaJesus
%givecoinsGive some of your coins to another user (your coins will be debited from your account, and credited to the other user). Ex; %givecoins @AnnaFire88#8038 100
%lyricsWant to play 'guess those lyrics'? Pick your fav genre and play! You will get 10 seconds to respond with either the band name, or song name. You will either win, or lose, 5 coins. If you do not answer in time, the game ends without a win or loss. Ex; %lyrics rock
%nekoNeed a neko image to brighten your day?
%nobooliAnti-bully image posting.
%rollD&D Style dice roller. Specify how many dice, and how many sides the dice have. Ex; %roll 2d20 (this will roll 2 20-sided dice).
%roulettePlay roulette. Minimum bet is 100 coins, and you must pick black/red, OR, 1 to 36. Ex; %roulette 100 red
%rpsRock, Paper, Scissors. Minimum bet is 10 coins. Ex; %rps 10 Rock
%trashwaifuWhen you just HAVE to insult someone's "waifu"